The Morning After

The Kit that Keeps on Giving

The Profit Line

Implementation of processes in the journey that inspire Passion for Action, which improves performance and affects the profit line.

Talent Magnet

Becoming “that company” which attracts all the “Talents” in your field, and retaining the ones you have

Trust and Loyalty

Increase trust and feelings of personal belonging to the organization. Develope internal Team Spirit and strengthen the connection of all stakeholders


Personal and organizational connection for the meaning and value that you bring to the world as people and an organizational entity

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    A look at what is around us TODAY

    One of every Two employees will need to be re-skilled until 2025 Those left – will be required to up-skill 40% of their skill-set

    Organizations today are required to bring new solutions to existing challenges, to bridge gaps between artificial and human intelligence, to update work processes, strategic and business models on the fly, to create fruitful communication through a language of trust, and a connection to a shared meaning between the people in and out of the organization.

    These are just some of the challenges we have studied and researched to create a set of insights and actions packaged into the Lead ShiftLab kit.

    Following the journey in the box, will help you strengthen and integrate a healthy organizational culture of learning and development, and create internal and external organizational long term engagement, in a process that challenges everyone’s limits of curiosity and thinking.


    In and out side of the Box

    Number of

    The kit is meant for a group
    activity of up to 20
    members It is done
    in two equal teams

    What’s in the Box

    • 22 Instruction cards
    • 10 large worksheets
    • 20 Personal Internal Motivator cards
    • 20 Personal Questionnaires for stage one
    • 20 Value List cards
    • 20 Personal Questionnaires for stage two – part 1
    • Personal Questionnaires for stage two – part 2
    • 8 Project Management Forms – stage three
    • Inspiration cards
    • Plenty of Sticky notes and pens

    Working the

    The ideal journey can traveled in 5-6 learnshop session Each session can take approximately 3 hours Space the learnshops one week apart.

    The kits includes written and recorded video instructions.

    Train the

    Before starting your journey – you will have a two hour video conference with Galia Ben-Haim to discuss your teams, your goals, questions and the desired results

    We have your back !

    To insure your success in the journey, we will be by your side with 8 hours of private & specific guidance and instructions via live Video Conference sessions. There will be four 2-hours sessions – one before each stage

    All Languages Welcomed

    The Lead ShiftLab kit is International in nature We can translate to any language upon request.

    Lets learn down to business

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    Galia Ben Haim

    An entrepreneur & Founder of ‘Possibility Forest’ A learning center for companies and organiztions, in the middle of a Plantation Forest, for nurturing and honing management skills in an ever-changing world. We help business leaders build trust processes by clarifying and integrating Values and Purpose. Conscious Business Ambassador in Israel

    Developer of the Lead ShifLab box

    Developer of the “DoorWay” process

    Certified Group Guidance Leader

    Trainer Master NLP

    ‘Design Thinking’ Instructor

    MBTI Conductor

    Play Therapist

    ‘Humanity’ Podcaster

    Volunteer Inmate-Mentor in Female Prison

    Volunteer mentor for “High Risk” teenagers.

    Proud mother of 4 children

    There is no doubt the world is going through Change

    The question is –

    How will you lead and inspire your team to go through it?

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    Einat Marom

    Change leader

    OD professional/Change leader Einat Maron is an OD professional with strong experience in business partnerships, employee development, coaching, training, and group facilitation.

    Expert in developing and implementing world-class employee experience programs that drive employee engagement, development, and retention.

    Tal Shavit

    Change leader

    Tal Shavit is a serial social entrepreneur, co-founding various startups and NGOs, in education, technological art, health and impact tech. She co-leads the DoubleYou network for feminine leadership and is the Co-founder of the McKinsey Circle of Women Founders.

    Tal worked as a consultant at Mckinsey & Co. supporting top institutions around strategic and organizational questions. She currently works with executive teams and individuals on Heart Centered Living and Intuitive Decision making. Tal is a practitioner and teacher of Yogic Sciences and Meditation, choosing again and again, to live life from the heart.

    Ifat Karni

    Change leader

    Senior Branding & Customer Loyalty Professional Highly experienced in business growth with a track record as Marketing Chief Executive in Israel’s leading corporates, such as Castro Fashion Retail, ToysRUs and Unilever Foodsolutions. My passion is to create sustainable value, through change management and innovative leadership that adresses customers’ needs.

    Leave us a few details and we can start our journey together